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Welcome to the garage door repair guide, your number one source for garage door information, repair and installation. We will help you to understand your garage door, what can go wrong and how it can be fixed. For additional reading, we found a site about garage door repair rockville that has great information about garage door repair.


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Your typical residential garage door is made from wood, metal, vinyl or glass. It opens upwards and closes downwards and usually called an overhead garage door. For the garage door to operate, it requires a few important mechanical parts. Further resources can be found at Alexandria Garage Repairs.


Garage Door Spring

There are two types of garage door springs: torsion springs and extension springs. These springs are under constant extreme tension with the spring’s size being dependent on the weight of the garage door. Larger doors and heavier doors require heavier garage door springs. Do not tamper with your garage door springs or attempt to fix as they are extremely dangerous and can cause harm or be fatal. If your garage door spring breaks, your garage door will not open and close properly and you will be able to see a break in the spring. The spring also causes a loud noise at the time of breaking. Call a garage door repair specialist immediately to ensure that your garage door and opening machinery aren’t damaged further. Do not attempt to fix yourself. Look at the figure below to determine which type of spring you have.



garage door repair



Your Garage Door Springs may need repair if:

  • Springs are unbalanced and the garage door does not open smoothly, difficult to open and noisy.
  • Operating the door manually is very difficult
  • Spring is broken which you can inspect and see a break
  • You have the incorrect spring size which will result in difficult and noisy opening
  • Your garage door safety cables are damaged



Garage Door Opener

You will either have an electric garage door opener or a open the door by manually lifting or lowering using a handle or string.



garage door opener



Electric Garage Door Opener

A motorized electric garage door opener works with your springs to lift your door. The springs provide the lifting power for the door while the electronic garage door opener controls how far and the force with which your garage door opens. The opener will also hold the door closed and locked securely. Electric openers are controlled by a manual switch on the wall of your garage, a keypad on the outside of your garage, remote controls and/or smartphone apps. Garage door openers have to be carefully calibrated for safe and optimal operation of your door. If you garage door is not properly calibrated, you can attempt to do so by adjusting the appropriate controls on the opener itself. Just consult your manual. However, use a professional garage door repair technician to do it for you to be sure that everything is properly calibrated.


Your Electronic Garage Door Opener may need repair if:

  • Your garage door will not open or close with the remote control
  • Your garage door closes and reverses right away
  • Your garage door opens and closes by itself without your intervention
  • Your garage door will not open or close.



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